Vinyl siding is pretty easy to install, but you have to make sure that you install it correctly. Here are some tips to properly install vinyl siding:

  • Leave space on the ends: It’s important to leave space on the ends of your siding because vinyl siding expands a little in the summer. Leave about a ¼” of space on each end of the vinyl siding. 
  • Level out the siding carefully: Leveled out siding helps to make the installation process quicker and easier. You can take a piece of chalk or marker and draw a line along the base of your house where the first piece of siding will go to help place it level. 

You can install vinyl siding yourself, but it’s better to hire a professional so you don’t make any mistakes of not leaving space on the ends, leveling out the siding, etc. Contact WNY Company today at (716) 776-7663.