Our goal is to eliminate the ability for any paint to ever touch any surface or object we will be working on or around and make your project as stress-free as possible.  When we come to give you your free estimate our team will take note of any furniture, pictures, cabinets, and other surfaces in the room(s). From that point, we will make a note of the material we need to bring to protect your home or business and create a plan to work efficiently around you.


  1. Cover any surfaces not being painted such as couches, chairs, and flooring with plastic sheeting and tarps.  If there is going to be a lot of dust we will cover any of the entryways to the room and vents so the dust does not travel throughout the house.
  2. Any holes in the walls, ceilings, or trim will be filled in with spackle or joint compound depending on the size.
  3. Any gaps in the trim or uneven corners along the ceiling and walls will receive a bead of caulk to straighten out any lines.  The same goes for the trim to eliminate any gaps and achieve a seamless finish throughout the room.
  4. Prime and Seal any areas that need it such as water damage, smoke stains, and newly finished drywall or patches.
  5. Apply the finish coat(s) of paint in color and sheen the homeowner chooses.
  6. Remove any and all our material from the room. 
  7. Move back any objects and do a walkthrough to make sure all the floors and carpets are free and clean from any debris.
  8. Take a final walkthrough to make sure everything is up to our highest standards.

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