An ice dam is a ridge of ice that accumulates at the roof’s edge or along its overhang caused by melting. Ice dams occur more commonly on sloped roofs and where snow sits for a long period of time. Ice will spread down the sloping surface until it reaches the flat ground, from which point it will accumulate as it melts from the bottom up. The weight of this accumulated snow can cause soffits and gutters to pull away from the house and collapse. When this happens, water leaks into living spaces or exterior walls, leading to expensive repairs. If you’ve had a problem with ice dams in the past it’s probably a sign that your roof or attic is improperly insulated and lacking proper ventilation. With winter weather coming, now is the time to get those last-minute roofing repairs and adjustments scheduled so you don’t have to worry. Here at The WNY Company we can make sure your home is winter-ready, call us today for your free estimate at (716) 776-7663.

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