Getting your roof replaced is a big project so your home needs to be prepared in order to do it. Getting your roof replaced also means that your home is susceptible to damage. Here are some things you can do to prepare and protect your home during a roof replacement:

  • Clear your patio and deck: Debris will fall from your roof and may damage anything you have on your patio or deck. Your best option would be to move any furniture you have off of the patio or deck. If you can’t do that, then your next best option would be to cover your furniture with a tarp.
  • Move your car(s): Moving your car helps to reduce the risk of damage to it. It also allows enough room for the workers to put their equipment and materials close to your home. 
  • Cover your attic: Dust, debris, and wood splinters are bound to make it into your attic if your attic isn’t properly covered. You can use old sheets or drop cloths to protect your items. You could also lay down tarp on your attic floor to add a extra layer of protection.