Get a jump on winter. When the winter season hits, many homeowners start to worry about their roof. As snow and ice build up on your roof, you may notice that your ceiling is starting to leak. The longer you wait for a professional company to come inspect and fix the problem, the more damage will be done. Waiting too long can result in mold growth and other health problems as well as costly repairs down the road. WNY Company offers reliable services at affordable rates to help prevent these issues from occurring or getting worse this winter season. We offer all types of repair services such as installation of new roofs, shingles replacement and restoration for those already damaged by water leaks during previous winters. Our team is fully equipped with top-of-the line tools and equipment needed for any home repair job big or small! If you are experiencing any type of leaking issue this year we would like an opportunity to earn your business today! Contact us now at (716) 776-7663.